Umayyads to the Abbasid Era

            Over time, many leaders will rise and fall. Muhammad started the great Umayyad Empire. Eventually in 750 C.E. the Abbasid Empire began. Many ideas and viewpoints changed over this transition. The transition started to begin after Muhammad’s death. Once the empire officially fell, a new empire was able to rise. The Umayyad Empire’s original style gave equal rights to women in things like job positions for politics, after Muhammad died in 632 C.E. original beliefs such as the simple life were ignored, and when the Abbasid Empire began in 750 C.E., their civilization spanned to many cultures, groups, and religions.
            During Muhammad’s reign, he believed that men and women should have equality. He would prophet of the quality of men and women before God and in the Islamic worship. Women were allowed to be in politics as well. Many of his family member’s, including is wife Aisha, were active members in political parties. The empire tried to block interaction between Muslim warrior elite and non-Muslim subjects. Muhammad believed in the simple and fugal life. After his death, the family of the Umayyad Empire begins to morph the original beliefs of the empire.
            When Muhammad dies in 632 C.E., the empire began to ignore some of the original teachings. This began the transition to the Abbasid Empire. The Umayyad caliphs lived luxurious lives, which was the opposite of what Muhammad stood for. Women were no longer active people of politics. The Umayyad Empire still continued to block the interaction between Muslims and non-Muslims with no success. As the original teachings continued to be changed, the Umayyad Empire was destroyed, thus letting the Abbasid Empire begin.
            Interaction between different groups was widely accepted, making the empire very diverse on many levels. The empire merged many ethnic groups, religions, and linguistic groups. Never before has an empire been able to be that diverse. Women’s rights were still continued in the Islamic faith. Education became very important in the empire. The Abbasid Empire created a new step for a new empire to rise again.
            Just because a new empire rises, doesn’t mean that all of the beliefs change. Religion was still very important in both of the societies. The ideas that do change though, let new empires that rise improve our world. When Muhammad died, the empire he created had begun to falter. Eventually, like the Umayyad Empire, the Abbasid Empire falters. Muhammad gave equal rights to women, for example in politics, in the early Umayyad Empire, after he dies his original preaching’s like a simple life were forgotten by the caliphs, and when the Abbasid Empire began, their civilization became more diverse than any empire has before.

Essay by Alexandra E